Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We are:

  • making a 'zine about Amelia Earhart to go with the paper planes and charm bracelets we have made for Allie's AWESOME WOMEN IN HISTORY! club she started. It was a beautiful idea for her part and an insane amount of work for mine. Fourteen lovely little girls are going to be here Thursday morning, and so I don't think I shall get a second of sleep until Thursday afternoon.
  • trying to get Annie to feel better by Thursday. She's very sick and has her little weird cough she always gets that sounds so much worse than it is. And that sleep thing? I'm dyin' here.
  • still gloating over Ian's incredible paper tower building skills that enabled him to totally destroy the competition at this past weekend's UNC Science Challenge. We're all about the gold medals in science, people. We drove home with the windows down, the Modern Lovers loud, and the swag bag sunglasses that said "Time-Warner Cable" on the side on. Awww, yeah.
  • (Small-world side note: The weird guy who bought my Guided By Voices ticket (when I sold it on Craigslist because my dork friends waited too long to get theirs and then it was sold out and I didn't want to go alone because that would be a drag) was a volunteer at the first event at the science fair, the theremin building thing. He walked over and said, "Hey. I bought your ticket." And I said, "Huh!" )
  • thinking that maybe I should be actually working on that 'zine instead of picking riiiight now to get back to blogging. I'm in a mild panic already. That's how I always do...plan/panic/host/sleep. Repeat.

Did you know that this past summer (in the heat and mud, for several weeks) my kids (worked their tails off and) raised calves for 4H and took part in the first dairy show in Durham in forty years? We also went to Washington DC and Williamsburg and Kentucky and everything was magical. I wish I would've written about it then. I have pictures on my Flickr page you can check out, if you're so inclined. They're nice pictures...you'd like them. Especially the 4H pictures. They still make me melt and feel all happy and, a few months later, I can absolutely still smell that wonderful cow smell.