Tuesday, July 7, 2009

space is the place

If any of you knew us before we got our new house in May, you would know how giddy I am, all the time, that I have this space. We went from having a corner of the living room in a 1200 square foot house to having a spacious, open loft. It's a tingly little thrill, every time I walk upstairs. I have a lot planned, but I'm pleased with the way it's coming along so far.

Blackboard in mid-air. (Actually, it's painted on a white wall, but that's not very interesting.) We're going to put molding around the board...I think it will look much nicer then. We're also going to paint the room, but I'm not sure when. It depends on whether or not I can ever make up my mind. I've got eight different shades of blue-grey on the front room wall, and it's been that way for a month. It looks modern and artsy, and I might just leave it like that.
Learning! Mission accomplished.

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