Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mercy on us, little children...!

We found a copy of Myths Every Child Should Know (1905) on Amazon...for $1. It was edited by HW Mabie, and has a few stories from Nathaniel Hawthorne's Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys. Hawthorne's writing is so playful and gentle in these retellings, and my kids (although quick to point out the gorier stuff he omitted) are as crazy about them as I am...his joy is contagious. You can read his tale of our beloved Chimaera here.

According to Allie's wanted poster: Catch the Chimera, get a kingdom, the princess, $200 and a dog. How could Bellerophon say no? (Answer: He couldn't. Man needs a dog.)

We're taking a break tomorrow. The kids are having friends over for water balloon/water gun fights, and we're going to eat cookies (Christmas cookies in August!) and be merry. Thursday we'll be back to work, and will hopefully get the play finished then. The sets are mostly done, and I have to say, they're pretty fantastic.

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