Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I hope you like and are intrigued by the brief and vague.

I just signed into this blog for the first time in over two months. Two months! I've thought about writing and have had so much going on, but I never (pause while my 4 year old walks backwards to me to ask, "Is this what my elbow really looks like? Feel it. It's not right.")...never even moseyed over here to put letters to screen. I've been working on a lot of things for our school, have done so much that I'd love to share, and am just generally pretty happy to be sharing it all with you, if you're still around. I hope so.

It's the middle of the day, which isn't the best time to be writing anything that requires thinking. All I'm thinking about right now, for example, is about the photo of the Ashland Kentucky High-Wheel Bicycle Club I just saw in history of Ashland book I just (just now!) got (even though it was supposed to be here for Christmas, but that's no big deal) and also there's a kid jumping on the couch beside me singing a song about how terrible it is that she's soooo hungry. It is terrible, isn't it? I am shamed (by cute song) into feeding her. The sharing will come when everyone goes to bed much, much later tonight. I hope I don't beat them to it.

UPDATE: Remind me to fulfill blogging obligations before I start rearranging the classroom area. No one told me that being janitor was part of the job...

(You're embarrassed for me, aren't you? I wish I wouldn't have started. I wish we had different curtains. I wish we never brought a larger-than-life, my-husband's-a-MAN-because-he-won-it-at-the-fair Zoe into the house. You can wish me luck.)

UPDATE, THE RETURN: Loft finished and lovely and dust-free. Curtains, however, remain.

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