Wednesday, May 19, 2010

continuity is not my thing.

We were in Kentucky for a while, where I honest-to-God had no internet. Days and days were spent with no internet. I didn't even take my computer this time because I've learned that apparently nobody uses routers on my family's street, and you just can't steal what's not there. It was difficult, but I somehow managed, spending my time with my grandparents, listening to family stories, grilling out, showing the kids where I grew up (they were as interested as you'd think), buying too much UK junk, and eating too much Giovanni's. Now we're back, and oh, seriously, we are so happy to be home. So, so happy. I'll fill you in later, but right now I'm in charge of spinning the Twister spinner, and I can leave my kids tangled up for only so long before they start complaining. (Or before it's considered abuse.)
Left hand, green!

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Newt said...

There is no such thing as too much Giovanni's. Even if you feel like you're gonna die.