Monday, December 13, 2010

sick post

I have pneumonia and a desperate and immediate need to write a new blog post. They don't go together well. I have pneumonia and am wrapped up in blankets on the couch, listening to the oven make occasional clicking sounds because I haven't turned it off since I got the pizza out for lunch. I wheeze and sniff and feel sorry for myself and wish that someone would turn the oven off for me, because I don't want to get up. The clicking, though, is driving me crazy.

I think this is the part of homeschooling I don't like at all: getting sick and facing the option of teaching through it and doing a sucky job, or letting the kids do their own thing and knowing I'm going to be waking up to the sounds of epic Pokemon battles. Today I found a printable Periodic Table board game and we played that for an hour (their choice-they loved it) before I put on Mythbusters and burrowed back under a mountain of quilts and mumbled something about science being awesome, hooray. I think that's going to be my whole day.

So now, in order to cheer myself up (and possibly entertain you), I'm going to try to remember my favorite things we've done this year. It's been a very good one.

  • Williamsburg in the spring

  • DC in the summer (We saw Elena Kagan! We saw Elena Kagan!)

  • The Poe Museum in Richmond for Halloween

  • Halloween homeschool spelling bee + giant party

  • Our Awesome Women in History club

  • studying folk art and getting to go to ClydeFest, Whirlygig Fest, & meeting Sam "The Dot Man" McMillan. So rad.

  • 4H! "My cow's named Buttercup. First name Butter. Last name Cup."

  • The Real George Washington exhibit

  • ice skate Tuesdays (except the weird music they play at the rink... Tim Curry's "I Do the Rock" + "Election Day" by Arcadia=total room clearers.)

  • our photography walks

  • hiking at the Eno

  • Science Fest @ UNC Chapel Hill

  • babysitting the bearded dragon (not a euphemism for anything)

  • 4th of July in Raleigh, watching a naturalization ceremony AND a cicada emerge from its shell

  • Beatles lapbook

  • a trillion fun get-togethers.

I feel a little better about today being a total zero. Hopefully next year will be just as amazing.

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Erin @ Carolina Country Living said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway! I had no idea anyone from SuzAnna's knew about the giveaway so that's awesome! Good luck, thanks for subscribing and I hope you'll come back and visit soon. :)

Take care,

P.S.--I'm interested in reading more about your homeschool experiences. I'm sort of considering it for my son in the future. So many homeschooling blogs I've come across are written from a religious perspective, so I'm excited to have found a secular one in your blog.