Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hey, blog, why are you hitting yourself?

This is just kind of pathetic now, isn't it, the way this little blog limps along, holds up its head and whimpers, "I'll be back soon," but maybe not for weeks or months. If you do wonder about it, you might wonder if it just thankfully, finally died, but then it emerges from underneath the dusty, webby porch and looks at you pitifully. Like now.
We've been busy, like everyone else in the world...busy going skiing, busy making felt groundhog portraits that look breastacular and get renamed Jugsaplenty Feel, busy trying to convince an eight year old girl who wants nothing more than to be allowed to watch Hannah Montana just once that the location and story behind the constellation of Gemini is not only fascinating, but worth an entire hour of her life.
We're working on decorations and crafts for our Valentine's Day shindig next week, so I've spent a lot of time snowed in and surrounded by felt scraps and paper hearts and inky thumbprints. It feels too soon to have another 20+ kid party, since we just had one in the beginning of December, and I really like to space those things out about, oh, a year apart. The last party was for Allie's birthday, and she wanted a Beatle bash. I've since discovered that my calling is to be a Beatle Birthday Party Planner. Seriously. I had too much fun. Allie, on the other hand, decided a week later that the Beatles were no longer her favorite band. I killed them for her. But still! *I* had fun...

Aren't they cute? I made so, so many of these. I couldn't stop, honestly. Wanna see it again?...

I also made apple cupcakes. (APPLE! Ha ha. Oh, how the under-10 set loves the Beatle references.)

The gift bags: A mini version of an old (very silly) Beatles coloring book, Beatles word search, a CD of Allie's favorite songs, a copy of the fan club membership card, a "letter" from the band, candy, and Christmas ornaments.

Pin the Moustache on Paul: The Aftermath. The kids actually enjoyed this, and I felt very clever for giving them moustache choices.

This was the most intense performance of Beatles Rock Band, ever. Kids were booed, drumsticks were broken. Eventually the band split up & went their separate ways. (Well, to the kitchen, to open gifts.)

RINGO! Tee hee. They played RINGO! (and yup, I MADE them shout RINGO!, because I could.) The playing pieces were little tiny Beatles album covers that I spent hours and hours cutting out. Who thought they were cool? Me.
There was more, but I'm going to stop now.

So, yeah. Valentine's Day is gonna be ridiculous. (I'm just thankful I ran out of time before I had the chance to organize the Yellow Submarine races...)


kirsten said...

stop hitting yourself! stop hitting yourself!
that party is over the top cool. so cool.

Mark & Heather Mac said...

Very creative ideas on the Beatles fest! My mom lovvvvess the Beatles. Great job.