Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My youngest daughter found one of those books of birds and their songs on our last trip to the used bookstore that we adore. It's a swell (if a little, umm, noisy) book with nice illustrations, and she fell in love with it immediately. She even chose to spend her own hard-earned (because it's work to be so cute) money from her grandparents on it. She's hugged it and slept with it and pushed those little buttons overandoverandover, picking her favorites and giggling at the one bird that says "RRRRALPH! RRRRALPH! RRRRALPH! Chkchkchkchkbrrrrrchk!" Really. It sounds just like that. She and her sister mimic it endlessly, chasing each other around the house screaming "RALPH!" and sitting on the back porch, hoping to call whatever bird that is to our backyard so they can laugh at it.
It's not too painful, really. If all else fails, I know they'll have a future in this:

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Lisa said...

This is cute! Thanks for visiting my blog! It is always fun to find new bloggers and ones close by!! I have a friend in North Raleigh that wants to do a get together! It would be fun to meet the people you talk to all the time! I Love Shiny Red Houses! Sara is so funny! Homeschooling has gone so well for her.
Thanks for visitng!!
Hugs, Lisa