Monday, April 19, 2010

Allie Tuesday

This is what 8-year old Al is into this week. (It makes me miss being eight.)


(Paying-attention parent note: instead of "sleep," we say, "eat peeps." Happy?)

Reading: The Wizard of Oz
Watching: The Black Cauldron ("I like the creepy stuff," she says.)
Eating: spaghetti!
Liking: coloring, shopping with Daddy, looking for creatures (frogs, bugs, etc), ClydeFest, riding my bike
Wanting: a kitty and a turtle and another dog. To go to Kentucky.
Thinking: Ice Cream. Ponies.
School: I like fractions and our online archaeology class.

Thanks, Miss Kitty!


jdg said...

that makes me miss young jarvis. . . old jarvis is a little scary.

Sarah A. said...

Ha, absolutely! Flailing, awkwardly cool, young Jarvis >>> greasy, wouldn't-let-your-kid-sit-next-to-him-on-a-bus, old Jarvis.