Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Folk Art Week, Part One: ClydeFest!

My kids have loved Clyde Jones's critters since they first saw one years ago outside the entrance of the NC Museum of Art. Once they spotted it, peeking out from between some tall-growing wildflowers, they had no interest in whatever was actually in the museum. Something about the creatures' almost-recognizable roughly hacked forms, their huge, fluttery, fake-flower eyes, and their coats of glitter over blindingly bright colors just make my kids swoon. (And why wouldn't they? Jones has attracted swarms fans to his critterful home in Bynum, NC, and the wooden animals have traveled all over the world. We're so lucky to live so close!)

(Close-up of Georgia artist Peter Loose's Clydemobile, taken at the folk art show in Fearrington, NC, February 2010.)

(The kids & Mr. Loose in front of the ridiculously awesome Clydemobile. Mr. Loose was wonderful in his own right, and kindly showed the kids how to play one of his beautiful handmade dulcimers.)

This weekend is ClydeFest!, and we've been excited about it for months. Allie had the swell idea to make critter shirts, so we spent this evening practicing our critter drawings before Sharpie-ing them onto a tee. Tomorrow (after our we garden with one of our homeschool groups!) we're going to add the eyeflowers, and then they'll be ready to model. The kids are very pleased.

(Allie adds spots to her dog/deer.)

We met Clyde a couple of months ago, and he gave the kids some very cool Clyde-art temporary tattoos. He was much more delightful than he looks in this picture, I swear. His art isn't for sale, either...he gives it away or donates it for children's charities. How amazing is that?

If you want to check out more Clyde (and you do!), here are some links:
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We're all going to watch Castle in the Sky before it's time for bed. You: check out Clyde.

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