Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Is How We Do It, Pt. 2: Sunday Night

Right now, I'm preparing the lessons for this week. I'm surrounded by printers, paper, books, and folders, am watching Bottle Rocket, and am already on my third Coke Zero. This is what we're using this week (after the ACTION SHOT!):

Eyewitness Books: North American Indian
Tools of Native Americans (Kavin)
History Pockets: Native Americans (Evan-Moor Publishing, who print many of my favorite resources and are also the people behind Teacher File Box, which I use daily.)
Eyewitness Books: Explorer (for Ian's homeschool group presentation on Magellan)
Explorers Fandex (more Magellan magic)
Ancient Greece (Moore)
Tools of the Ancient Greeks
You Are in Ancient Greece (Minnis)
Spend the Day in Ancient Greece (Honan)
The Ancient Greek World (Roberts/Barrett)
City States (Wright)
History Pockets: Ancient Greece (Evan-Moor)
(Dude, we love Greece.)
+ worksheets from

Prima Latina Student Book
Prima Latina Teacher Manual

Grammar & Spelling:
Red Hot Root Words Book 1 (Draze)
Building Spelling Skills 2 (Evan-Moor)
Building Spelling Skills 4 (Evan-Moor)
+ worksheets galore from Teacher File Box

Greek Alphabet Code Cracker (Perrin)

Random House Book of Poetry for Children
The Golden Fleece (Colum)
Independent reading: Ian: Mysterious Benedict Society (Stewart)
Allie: King Arthur tales
Read aloud: Spiderwick Chronicles, Bk 3 (DiTerlizzi/Black)
+ poetry worksheets from Teacher File Box

Find the Constellations (Rey)
DK Guide: Space (Bond)
Atlas of Space (Scholastic Reference)
+ worksheets (Have I mentioned Teacher File Box? Also: NASA's websites)

Homemade worksheets galore.

Writing letters to:
-Penpals (Panagiotis in Greece, Fara, Victoria & Chloe in France, & Roberto and Andreas in Italy)
-pick an author (will let kids decide. Ian wrote a letter to Brian Selznick last year and got a great letter back within a couple of weeks. Let me take a moment to *really* recommend his book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret. (Check out the website. Become obsessed with automatons and Georges Melies.) Beautiful. We also love The Houdini Box, and we just found Amelia & Eleanor Go for a Ride, which he only illustrated, but it's wonderful. Check them all out. Do it now.)

Field trips:
Library story time on Tuesday. Will look for more stuff on Magellan & will practice library skills
Friday: Apple picking
(Nothing much planned this week due to the craziness of every week this summer. It's time to slow down a bit. Maybe.)

-Will *finally* start practicing our play about Bellerophon, Pegasus, & the Chimaera. The sets are ready, and the kids are just waiting for me to print out the script they wrote.

They also have daily journal writing, art, music, and recess.
And that's it.

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